Please don't associate with me if you interact with/support these users.

To clarify, these are exclusively for boundary reasons, not as a callout list (excluding myunei, their link is a PSA). I want to avoid these people and anyone who supports them, not start anything with them.

This is my personal DNI blacklist. It is different from my design/commission blacklist. If you're looking for that, [click here].

>_tearzah/dollieguts/dreamalgia (if you believe salem over the people they abused, you can ESPECIALLY stay away from me.)




>_Marrijuananaut/Any man with the username "neurot" and going by the name Kyle.

>_myunei (*tends to move accounts a lot to avoid being blocked)


>_I DO NOT tolerate pedophilia/transphobia/homophobia/racism/incest/etc. of any kind

>_I do NOT tolerate transphobic words like "tr*p/c*ntboy"

>_I do NOT tolerate "proshippers"/shota/loli/etc.

>_If you're a "fujoshi/fudanshi," or in other words, fetishize gay men. I will not argue the meaning of this word.

>_If you think "fiction ≠ reality" or that "fiction doesn't affect reality," leave right now. Because it very much does and I will not argue this point.

>_If you think sex work "isn't real work" or are against it in any way

>_If you do not support NB or he/him lesbians

>_If you think "bi lesbians" exist

>_If you're truscum/transmed/SWERF/TERF or support any

>_If you do not support neopronouns

>_If you identify as "super straight" or whatever other sexuality that's meant to exclude trans people

>_If you think "reverse racism" or "racism towards white people" exists

>_I also do not tolerate those who wish to emulate or imitate my identity, art, or designs. If you are caught doing this, I will block you and put you on a blacklist.

*If I myself do anything wrong, am following anyone bad, or have liked/RTed anything bad, please please inform me. I'm rather oblivious and can very often miss things and informing me helps me learn.