❆ ❅ ❆ ❅ WELCOME TO ELFENDR'S PAGE!! ❅ ❆ ❅ ❆


Do not copy, trace, reference, repost, pinterest, reproduce, or take heavy inspiration from me, my designs, my art, or my artstyle.
Light inspiration is fine, but please take inspiration from other sources as well to ensure you are not completely ripping me off.
Do not use my work for icon, faceclaim, Roleplay, or D&D unless you commissioned it from me.
Do not use my artwork for NFTs, AIs, or any other cryptocurrency/blockchain technology.

I do not consent to my code being copied!
While you can certainly take inspiration from my layout, please don't directly copy my code! Likewise, please do not take the artwork graphics from my site, as they're all artwork that depicts my own characters.


Hi, I'm Elfen! You can also just call me Elf.
I'm 20+ years old and I'm a trans male (he/him) Asian-American artist!

I make art as a main source of income, but I'm incredibly slow at it due to disability.
My SNS accounts and work are rated PG-16, so please don't follow me if you're under that age!

It's been a really confusing journey learning code from scratch and trying to put this site together, but the end result always makes me feel proud of myself.
I'm a very amateur coder, so there are definitely some mistakes here and there.



Yippee!!! Mobile functionality!!
Thanks to my friend Min, this site now works properly on mobile!! Everything got swapped over to bootstrap instead, so the layout should look a little cleaner now, too.
(They're very smart and good at coding. I suggest you check it out!!)


I think I'm finally done with this thing!! I'm sure the code is messy as all hell, but I'm honestly just glad it's functional and doesn't look half bad. It's always kind of weird having to relearn code every time I want to do something new. I was way too scared to use CSS thoroughly on my other site, and I think I'm starting to get used to it now.
Also, let's not talk about the time it took me to complete this. I'm by no means a fast coder... I just ended up irresponsibly not taking proper breaks and spent all day on it. It's a bad habit of mine to get working on something and refuse to take a break from it until I'm done.
Now that its all finally done, I'm going to go rest (lol).


Going to redo this site, finally... It's going to be a doozey to do what I want to do. Wish me luck! Also new "update log" box. I've been wanting one (or a blog box) for a while.
I've generally just been unhappy with the layout that I've had (which is natural, because it's basically the same code I cobbled together back when I opened the site), and I've changed my general theming to be more snowy since December of last year. I don't know, I think winter came so abnormally late that I realized I really love it.


Site creation date.