The "Personal Blacklist" on this page is for personal boundary purposes, and I full-stop don't want anyone associated with those users interacting with me.

If you're looking for my blacklist for just my designs and services, it's here.


  • DNI if you identify as a "fujoshi"/"fudanshi" or "quasihomosexual"
  • DNI if you use and/or support terms like "sh*ta"/"l*li" (or indulge in it)
  • DNI if you use and/or support terms like "f*mboy"/"tr*p"
  • DNI if you indulge in p*dophilic/inc*st content or defend people who indulge in it
  • DNI if you're a "proshipper," "profiction," or believe "fiction doesn't affect reality"
  • DNI if you're a racist. This includes fetishizing BIPOC.
  • DNI if you're a transphobe, homophobe, transmed, TERF, SWERF, etc.
  • DNI if you participate in NFTs, AI "art", crypto, or other blockchain technology.
  • DNI if you consider yourself a "RCTA/ECTA" or someone who is "transitioning to another race/ethnicity."
  • DNI if you use drama sites/blogs like THdr*mas, k*wifarms, 4ch*n, etc. or just generally shit talk people behind their back. That behavior is unpleasant and I don't want it around me.

*If I myself do anything wrong, am following anyone bad, or have liked/boosted anything bad, please please inform me. I'm rather oblivious and can very often miss things and informing me helps me learn.

Again, do not interact if you are a transmed or follow transmed beliefs. (And obviously don't interact if you're a transphobe.)
I firmly believe that people can present themselves however they are happiest with no matter their gender; Whether that be through their body, fashion, etc.
Trans and nonbinary peoples' bodies and expressions are extremely diverse. We are not meant to fit into some kind of binary.
There are no "requirements" to being trans other than just feeling like you are a different gender from your birth assigned sex.
You don't need dysphoria, you don't need to transition if you don't want to, you don't need to dress a certain way, you don't need to act a certain way.
If you disagree with these points, my content is not for you.

Please re-examine yourself and think about why you are so intent on pushing your idea of gender onto others.


  • I have and create gender-nonconforming trans male characters for myself because it's how I am most comfortable presenting.
  • I'm disabled and offline most of the time. I may reply slow, please be patient with me.
  • Almost all of my adopts are as ambiguous in gender as possible so the owner can decide.
  • Do not buy my work if you intend to do any of the following:
    • Make a plus size design into a thin design
    • Whitewash a BIPOC-coded design. This includes lightening skintone, getting rid of BIPOC-coded hairstyles (i.e. Making a design with locs have straight hair), etc.
    • Detransition any clearly trans-coded designs/designs that are designated to be trans (i.e. removal of chest scars). Making a design non-binary/GNC is fine.
    • Furthermore, if I find you doing any of these things to my designs, I will blacklist you.
  • I am extremely uncomfortable about those who wish to emulate or imitate my identity, art, or designs. Slight inspiration is fine, but please dont imitate me or my style completely.

Please don't associate with me if you closely interact with or support these users.
To clarify, these are exclusively for boundary reasons. I want to avoid these people and anyone who supports them or is friends with them, not start anything with them.
*Note: I use "support" in the artist way, as in: Actively seeking out the user's work, obtaining their work directly from them (buying/trading for), Defending their actions (if any), etc.


Or any person with the username "neurot" who goes by the name Kyle.

(Changes usernames/Moves accounts frequently)

(Block evades/Changes usernames frequently)


(Changes usernames/Moves accounts frequently)

(Changes usernames/Moves accounts frequently)


(Changes usernames/Moves accounts frequently)

(Changes usernames/Moves accounts frequently)