I'd like to appeal to be removed from your blacklist or correct information!

You can e-mail me through my business E-Mail. (can be found on my contact page)
I recognize that some of my information may be incorrect or inaccurate, as I receive it second-hand and I do not check up on the people I blacklist/block.
This does not, however, guarantee a removal. In addition, being removed from the blacklist doesn't guarantee you being unblocked.

Please don't e-mail me asking why I blacklisted you. Either you know, it's for my personal comfort, or you broke my T.O.S. (though I will always privately inform people of T.O.S. strikes).
Remember that my work is my space and I have a right to be comfortable within it!
(If you are rude or passive aggressive to me, I have the right to not respond to you nor help you. Please keep these interactions professional, thank you.)

Can I take inspiration from you/your art/your designs?

Mild inspiration is fine, but I will contact you if it's too close for comfort.
I made a quick guide here on how to respectfully take inspiration (at least for my personal boundaries).

Can I trace your art?

There are plenty of resources you can use instead online instead, like 3D pose dolls and stock photos!

What art program/tablet do you use?

Paint tool SAI.
I use a Wacom tablet. Regularly I would use the "Intuos Pro," but since I've been bedridden, I've just been using the "One."

Can you make a tutorial/base/etc?

Sorry, no. I'm really terrible at explaining how I do things and I'm sure there are plenty of resources online that will teach you better than I would. Since I'm self-taught, my learning process is incredibly skewed as well, so I can guarantee I would not be a great teacher or example.
As for bases, I'm not confident or comfortable enough with the way I make bases to release any into the public.

Can we be friends?

I'm really awkward and introverted, so I'd rather not be asked this!
If it happens, it happens! But please don't try to push uninvited conversation with me, especially if we're strangers.
Also, please keep in mind that just because we are in the same Discord server or we've interacted a few times, does not necessarily mean we're friends. I am uncomfortable with people claiming we're friends when I barely know them.

Do you know about this drama/discourse/controvery/etc?

Please don't involve me in drama/controvery/etc. discussion. I am uninterested.
If I need to block someone or boost a PSA, you can let me know of that, but nothing more. Sometimes I will even block to avoid things like that as a whole, so in that case please do not assume it's personal.

I have x problem with you/You’re following/liking something bad!

Please PM me about it as soon as you're comfortable doing so and I can remove/unfollow it ASAP!
If you have a problem with me personally, as well, I would be glad to discuss it in private. I often do not realize when i'm making a mistake so it helps me to learn when I'm told it's bad.