>_Who are you?

Hi, I'm ElfenDr/Elfen/Elf (you can call me whatever variation of my username). You may also call me Fable if you know me personally.

I'm a trans male, asian-american artist. I have no idea what my sexuality is and it doesn't really matter to me.

I make art, but I'm incredibly slow at it due to disability.

>_Discord/Contact E-mail?

[Contact page] (for Business inquiries ONLY)

However, if you would prefer to keep in contact through Discord, you may PM me on one of my social medias for it.

However, keep in mind my E-mail and Discord are for business inquiries only, and are not for personal use. Anyone messaging me there seeking to make casual, non-business conversation on there with me will be blocked or marked as spam.

(Please keep in mind I will not always respond immediately, especially not with my E-mail, as I'm not quite used to checking it regularly yet.)

>_I want to get off of your blacklist but I can't contact you.

You can. Use my business email.

I recognize that some of my information may be incorrect or inaccurate, as I receive it second-hand and I do not check up on the people I blacklist/block.

This does not, however, guarantee your removal, nor does it guarantee a fast reply. In addition, being removed from the blacklist doesn't guarantee you being unblocked.

Do not e-mail me asking "why" I've blacklisted you. I am not obligated to give you a reason. Rest assured, I only trust proof of misdemeanor in form of screenshots.

(If you are rude or passive aggressive to me I have the right to not respond to you nor help you. Please keep these interactions professional, thank you.)

In addition, please use this form or you'll be ignored:

Subject: Blacklist Appeal/Blacklist Inaccuracies

Body: Please state:

  1. >Reason for being blacklisted (if it is listed)
  2. >Correction of information with proof (if applicable)
  3. >Other appeal comments (please keep it to a minimum. I have trouble reading.)

>_Do you take commissions/art trades/requests?

Commissions ($$$) open periodically, and I will usually make a post for them. You can also check my commission status here.

Art trades (Art for art) can be discussed if we're friends.

Requests (Free art) are never open.

>_What's your art program/tablet/etc?

I use Paint Tool SAI and have a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

I am not comfortable with giving out my brush settings and I will ignore you if you ask.

>_Can I use your art for RP/an icon/D&D/etc?

Unless you commissioned the art from me, absolutely NOT.

This does not mean you can just make a character that looks similar to my designs, either (a.k.a. stealing them and their likeness). That is plagiarism.

>_Can I take inspiration from you/your art/your designs?

Inspiration in moderation is fine.

Any sort of total ripping off of my art style/character designs/my identity will not be tolerated.

>_Why do you have "tell me directly if I do something wrong" written everywhere?

I want to be a good person and I struggle with being able to tell when I have done something wrong (mental illness reasons and me just genuinely not being online enough to be informed on everything).

Thus it's incredibly helpful for people to just tell me instead of leaving me in the dark.

>_Do you have other OCs/Can we see them/Can we interact with OCs?

I do have OCs, but I am no longer comfortable sharing most of them publicly, sorry.

If we're very close friends, we could maybe interact with OCs.

>_Can we be friends?

Unfortunately, I am extremely closed-off and have a hard time making friends.

You are welcome to try and strike up a conversation, but it's not always welcome and I would prefer if you don't assume we're friends unless we've interacted semi-regularly. (A.K.A., More than a just few small interactions)

This is not to be "rude" or "cold," this is simply for my own comfort due to past issues of people thinking they were entitled to my friendship and treating me badly due to it.

>_Are you single/Can you send nudes/Do you want to hook up/etc?

I am married. No.

>_Is the big watermark really necessary?


If you edit it off my art you will be put on a blacklist immediately.

>_Why are all of your characters male?

My characters are essentially an extention of myself.

Most of them being male is simply just me projecting so that I feel closer connected and more comfortable with the character.

As a further note, I make my characters for myself, not you, so please don't try demanding anything from me.

>_Do you know about this discourse/how do you feel about this discourse?

Don't bring discourse/drama to me unless I need to block someone bad.

I heavily dislike participating or arguing in discourse/drama and will not respond to these questions. It gives me stress more than anything else to think about discourse/drama.

If I need to boost a PSA or something that's fine, however.

>_I have x problem with you/You’re following/liking something bad!

Please, PLEASE PM me about it.

I often like/follow stuff without taking a closer look into it and would be grateful if I’m notified if it’s bad.

If you have a problem with me personally, as well, I would be glad to discuss it in private. I often do not realize when I'm making a mistake so it helps me to learn when I'm told it's bad.